How to place an order on Oskelly? (GUIDE)

Making a purchase on Oskelly is very simple! To do this, follow our detailed instructions:

  1. Add the Item you like to the Shopping Bag. Our system will automatically take you to the order information page.
  2. Please remember that orders from different sellers must be placed separately. This guarantees the security of the transaction.
  3. Check the Item specifications again and click on the "Checkout" button.
  4. Specify the desired delivery address and comments on the order.
  5. If you have a promo code, enter it in a special field. Our system will automatically calculate the new cost of the Item based on your discount.
  6. Click the "Checkout" button and enter your card details. Do not forget to specify the verification code from the SMS that your bank will send.
  7. After the order is placed, you will be able to track it through your Personal Account.

If you have any difficulties at any of the stages of ordering, do not be afraid! You can always contact our Customer Support. Have a nice shopping!