How to prepare the goods for the delivery?

In order for your client to be delighted with the purchase and be sure to come back to you for new acquisitions, it is important to properly conduct pre-sale preparation.

  • Please make sure that you are handing over to the courier exactly the Item that purchased (check the conformity of the Item category, brand, size, color).
  • Make sure that during the time that has passed since the publication of the lot before its purchase, the Item has not acquired additional defects that are not specified in its description. If they are detected, please contact our Customer Support as soon as possible.
  • Before sending the order, try to thoroughly clean the Item, whether it is an accessory, jewelry or shoes. If you are sending clothes, make sure that they are washed, dried and have a presentable appearance.
  • If necessary, take your clothes to the dry cleaners.
  • Do not forget to put a package of documents and certificates inside, as well as, for example, additional straps for bags (in general, everything that you specified in the description of the lot). Make sure that your client receives the full promised set.
  • Please remember that branded packaging (if you indicated its availability) is also part of your Item. Therefore, it is in your best interest to ensure its safety.
  • Most often, the courier has a safe-a package of standard sizes (A3, A4) for transportation, but we advise you to prepare an additional box / paper to insure yourself.
  • If you are handing a fragile item to the courier, be sure to provide it with additional protection: pack it in bubble wrap/paper, put it in a box and warn the courier that it is a fragile cargo. He will make the appropriate mark in the invoice.
  • If you give several Items to the courier at once, make sure that each of them is in a separate package and marked – this will guarantee the safety of the Items.
  • More detailed instructions and our recommendations can be found at the link.