How does the Oskelly authentication work?

The expertise at Oskelly takes place in several stages.

  • The first stage of verification takes place at the moment of moderation: our specialists filter out obvious fakes based on the photos provided.
  • The main stage of authentication is carried out after the order is placed. Our courier will pick up the Item from you and deliver it to the Oskelly office, where a team of experts checks absolutely every Item for authenticity. At the same time, our experts use their knowledge, accumulated experience, internal developed manuals, as well as tools to determine the authenticity of precious stones. Each lot that has passed the examination is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a branded tag/sticker.
  • The final stage is the examination of the condition. Our specialists check the goods for full compliance with the specified description. Then we carry out pre-sale preparation, transfer the Item to the packaging and only after all these stages the goods fall into the hands of the buyer.