How does the price offer function work?

For an item that is published on the platform, the price offer function immediately becomes available. With this tool, any user of the platform can offer the seller his price for the lot. In this case, the discount amount should not exceed 30% of the original value of the lot specified by the seller. You can offer a price up to 3 times - even if you failed to negotiate the first time, you will have two more attempts. In turn, the seller can either refuse to reduce the price, or confirm the auction or make a counter offer. In case of successful bidding, the price of the Item is automatically adjusted. The lot at this price is seen only by the user who participated in the auction. When placing an order, it remains possible to apply a promo code, if available.

Please note that buyers have only 24 hours to make a purchase at this cost. Otherwise, the auction is canceled. Read more about the function in a separate article.