How to sell on Oskelly? (GUIDE)

Selling Items on Oskelly is very fast and easy! It is enough to follow our step-by-step instructions:

1. Register on our platform.

2. Publish the Item. Fill in all the fields as much as possible to sell your Item faster. Specify the following characteristics:

  • Item category (for example, cocktail dress, winter parka).
  • The composition of the material (as indicated on the tag), as well as the color.
  • The existing defects – in detail, without hiding, since they will still be revealed during the examination.
  • Is there a tag. The item is new or was in a sock (in this case, specify the degree of wear).
  • Availability of a certificate of authenticity, original packaging.
  • Any characteristics, including the features of the model, the reason for the sale, the original price, the place of purchase, etc.
  • According to our statistics, an item with a detailed description sells much faster.

3. Add a photo. If the Item has nuances, do not forget to show them in the photo and attach a description to them.

4. You do not need to cut out the Item image yourself and put it on a white background – Oskelly retouchers will do it!

5. After moderation, your lot will be published in the application and on the Oskelly website.

6. Track user comments to promptly answer questions from your potential buyers. If necessary, attach additional photos.

7. It is very important that users receive a response to the Item as soon as possible. If you no longer wish to sell a certain Item, please remove it from sale. This can be done in your Personal Account.

8. When the Item is purchased, you will receive a push notification and an email notification. Confirm the transaction through your Personal Account and try to ship the goods as soon as possible.

9. Prepare the goods for delivery to the courier, bringing it into proper shape.

10. After the order is confirmed, you will be able to track the Item up to the moment it is delivered to the buyer. You can do this through your Personal Account - My sales - In the process.

11. After the buyer confirms receipt of the goods, you will receive a notification asking you to confirm the details and payment. It remains only to get your funds to the account!

Please note: funds will be transferred to the account within 3 working days after confirming the details and confirming the payment by you.