When paying, it is not possible to apply a promo code, what is the reason?

If you can't apply a promo code for a discount:

  • Check the duration of the promotion: it is possible that the promo code has already expired, so the system does not accept it.
  • Remember that each of the Oskelly promo codes can be applied only once: you may have already used your right to a discount to make another order.
  • Check the spelling of the promo code: it is very important to use the correct case (capital and small letters), as well as numbers. Please make sure that a space sign was not accidentally placed before and after the promo code.
  • Take another look at the Shopping Bag: since Oskelly does not have a reservation system, other users can buy the Item before you.
  • If none of the above helped, try removing the item from the Shopping Bag and adding it again to eliminate the system error.

In any case, if something does not work out for you, you can always contact our Support specialists - we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible!