How to become a cool member of the Oskelly community?

At Oskelly, we strive to create a comfortable ecosystem in which every seller and buyer would feel in a circle of like-minded people. To become a cool member of the community, it is enough to follow simple rules.

  • Behave politely towards each other, avoid insults in the comments and create a safe environment in which mutual respect and responsibility towards others become the main principles.
  • Greet each other in the comments and thank them for promptly provided answers.
  • Do not share personal data. So, we will not be able to guarantee their safety, the security of the transaction, as well as the safety of your funds if you go outside the platform.
  • It is forbidden to sell replicas/fakes/fakes on Oskelly. Let's respect each other and the intellectual property of brands.
  • Try to cancel deals as little as possible if you are a seller. For the buyer, searching for the desired lot on the platform is like a treasure hunt. Every great deal breaks his heart.
  • And we would also recommend putting an avatar. After all, how nice it is to see the face of the interlocutor, even if you communicate online ;)