What is Oskelly's social mission?

Oskelly is an online social ecosystem in the fashion segment, built around the needs of the client. Our mission is to unite people around the idea that our wardrobe is not the end point, but only part of the modern natural cycle of things. Oskelly's retail-oriented positioning focuses on the luxury and premium segments for a number of reasons:

  • The production of premium and luxury brands ensures the quality of fabrics and tailoring, and that is why things of the presented segments can most often be given a second life, which is impossible with fast fashion brands;
  • Premium and luxury brands follow the norms of ethical fashion and oppose slave labor in factories, creating good conditions for workers, which is an integral part of the culture of conscious consumption;
  • The brands represented on the platform have embarked on the path of transition from a linear production system to a circular one. Oskelly supports initiatives aimed at improving the environmental situation in the world and their transparent implementation.

The Oskelly ecosystem provides a full range of services for individuals and businesses. Oskelly pays special attention to the development of lifestyle in the field of sustainable development. The ecosystem gives customers the opportunity to manage their wardrobe in 2 clicks:

  • Unload, sell and earn;
  • Purchase any collections with discounts up to 90% from the latest trends to vintage, from classics to streetwear;
  • Covering all categories: clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, high end jewelry, beauty, home, collectible lots;
  • Purchase celebrity collections; concierge service (any request under the order); online / offline authentication service.

The Oskelly ecosystem allows everyone to become part of a huge community that unites people with similar interests, lifestyle and views on conscious consumption.