How to calculate the commission for the publication of the lot in the application? What does the commission include?

Our commission is from 16 to 25%, depending on the value of the goods:

  • for a lot worth up to 2000 AED, the commission will be 25%.
  • for an item worth from 2000 to 5 500 AED – 20%,
  • and for an item worth from 5 500 AED – 16%.

The commission fee includes:

  • moderation and retouching;
  • marketing activities to attract customers;
  • logistics;
  • examination of authenticity;
  • examination of the condition;
  • Oskelly certificate of authenticity;
  • pre-sale preparation (except for washing, dry cleaning and restoration);
  • Oskelly branded packaging.

When the lot is published in the application or on the website, the commission is calculated automatically. At the same time, the placement of the lot is absolutely free and you do not need to pay anything in advance – the commission is deducted only after the sale transaction is completed.