The Item is "new with a tag", "in excellent condition" and in "good condition" – what is the difference?

The condition of the goods is assessed in accordance with the following criteria:

  • New with a tag – the Item is brand new and has a full set of documents, a branded tag and packaging. For sellers with Boutique status, each Item presented in the assortment belongs to this category.
  • Excellent condition – the lot is in excellent condition, without obvious external signs of wear and defects. Not the entire set of documents may be attached to it, and there may also be no branded packaging. Small internal defects are allowed.
  • Good condition – a used item that has been well cared for. There may be small defects in the form of chips, scratches, holes and hooks.

Please try to determine the condition of your Item as accurately and objectively as possible. If the Item has protruding threads, obvious scuffs, deep scratches, stains, holes, repair marks, seam divergence, missing buttons and parts, odor, discoloration, fabric rolling and other significant unspecified defects, it is subject to refund at the expense of the seller.