What violations of the rules can be banned for?

At Oskelly, we strive to create a comfortable ecosystem in which every seller and buyer would feel absolutely safe. Therefore, we carefully monitor compliance with all the rules of the platform.

  • Personal data cannot be exchanged on Oskelly. So, we cannot guarantee the safety of your personal data, the security of the transaction, as well as the safety of your funds if you go beyond our platform.
  • It is forbidden to sell replicas/fakes/fakes on Oskelly. In case of several repeated violations, such a seller will be banned.
  • In order not to violate the rules of the platform and not get blacklisted, try to cancel orders as rarely as possible.
  • And finally, most importantly, our users should behave politely towards each other, avoid insults in the comments and create a safe environment in which mutual respect and responsibility towards others become the main principles.