How do I pick up an item whose sale has been canceled from the Oskelly office?

You can pick up the goods from our office yourself, having previously coordinated your visit with the Customer Support. You can also take out the goods using the courier service – do not forget to inform the courier about the order number, as well as your full name. In addition, we can arrange the courier ourselves. In each of these cases, the goods are exported at your expense.

If, according to the results of the examination, it was found that the Item is a fake, you will receive notifications that it needs to be picked up from the Oskelly office during working hours. Otherwise, after 30 calendar days after receiving the notification, we will dispose of the counterfeit Item. Upon your request, we will provide an act confirming the fact of disposal within 60 calendar days.

Please remember that in a situation where the Item has not passed the authenticity examination, it is necessary to pre-pay the costs in the amount of the Oskelly commission. You can do this using the details that the Customer Support will send you.